We are a unique blend of strategic consultancy and an integrated marketing agency, with a laser focus on destinations.

This focus has led us to clients looking for a new kind of support from their agency partners. That’s what icscom srl offers. As our relationships with clients grow, we have helped them with projects and services that reach far beyond what would be considered “social media”.

These are the innovative services where we add most value to our destination clients:

  • Tourism and marketing strategy
  • Creative, integrated campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Implementation, content and social media management
  • Research and benchmarking
  • Service design and product development.

What changes?

It’s business as usual…or as we like to call it, “business better than usual.” We’ve not been bought (and we’re not for sale). As icscom srl, we will continue to expand our services to support our clients, by providing solutions to the challenging business issues they face, creating world-class marketing campaigns, and engineering more remarkable experiences within their destinations.

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